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Welcome and a wake-up call

Albert Einstein’s thinking has had a fundamental impact on our everyday lives. Without him and Paul Dirac, we would have neither computers nor the technologies they enabled. Einstein advised us to “Try not to become a person of success, but try to become a person of value”.

By trying to be a person of value, Einstein changed the world forever.

To succeed, companies must strive to add the value that buyers are seeking. Buyer-centricity is the only key to growth.

Putting the buyer front-and-centre into technology companies’ go-to-market plans is what Larato is all about.

That’s why every go-to-market plan we deliver is bespoke and evidence based. Differentiating means being different and valued in the eyes of the buyer. Being different in today’s global marketplace means you must be unique.

Copy-cat propositions that are presented well don’t cut it anymore. We’ve spent decades developing buyer-centric business development methods that work.

If you want business growth, start with Larato.

Larato takes the guesswork out of business development, empowering businesses with the sound and detailed information they need to hit their sales targets, develop their market share and grow their revenue.

Larato has helped our customers secure over £300m of new business

What makes us different

Every go-to-market strategy and action plan we deliver is unique.

Our go-to-market strategies and action plans align you with your buyers in a way that makes you their best choice.

Our customer says:
We would recommend Larato to anyone. Their work gave the external perspective that provided credibility and informed the direction we need to take

Make your business more relevant

We make your business more relevant to customers and partners by understanding what they really value and exactly why they would buy from you. Knowing your true value frees you to decide the best way to fast-track growth.

Tier 1 Telco achieved 125% of plan within 3 months of launch and maintained this performance over the year.

Results achieved

Here are some examples of the results we have helped our customers to achieve.

ICT integrator

  • Increased bid to win ratio by 30%
  • Over £8m of additional new business won in the first half year following LARATO’s engagement

Cloud services integrator

  • Doubled large deal count in the FY following LARATO’s engagement
  • Organic revenue growth increased by 13%

Cloud telephony provider

  • 10 fold increase in sales leads
  • 30% reduction in sales costs

Enterprise CIOs

  • Developed a highly practical, independent, Return on Investment model for CIOs to quantify the strategic and financial benefits of their cloud strategies to their CEO and CFO

We thrive on helping our customers gain more market share through innovation, differentiation and outstanding implementation. We are a small, tight knit, team of experts, specialist in strategy, sales, business planning, product, digital marketing and marketing.

What people say about us

Larato’s experts have an intimate knowledge of the UK cloud marketplace and a great understanding of how to get the best from a Sales and Marketing perspective
Director Corporate Sector and SMB, Tier 1 UK Telco
Larato has the knack of being able to conjure up real opportunities out of difficult situations, of finding a course of action that creates revenue potential when most of us would be scratching our heads wondering what to do next
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Leading UK Systems Integrator
Larato has exceptional cloud market knowledge with outstanding business understanding
Sales Director, Leading UK Systems Integrator
Larato did some very insightful work for us on go to market strategies, recommended change programs as well as buyer perception. The output was highly thought provoking, challenging and truly valuable helping drive many important decisions which were key in helping achieve aggressive growth
Marketing Director, Cloud Services Provider
If you are looking for a valuable new perspective, and want to put yourself in the shoes of your buyers, then speak to Larato
Marketing Director, Cloud Services Provider